Old School RuneScape makes mobile version adjustments, RuneScape applies visual polish to more zones


Fans of Old School RuneScape who like to tap away on the mobile version of the sandbox MMORPG are probably noticing a few updates this week. The latest patch notes outline a variety of useful C++ client changes like the addition of customizable ground item indicators, a handy-dandy loot tracker, and a master volume slider, while Steam users of the C++ client are also able to enjoy an anti-aliasing option.

Meanwhile in RuneScape, players are seeing a whole bunch of the game’s zones getting a fresh coat of graphical overhaul paint, with improved visuals for locations like Lumbridge Swamp, Catherby, Brimhaven Volcano, and Cramdor, among several others. The week’s update has also begun a new Yak Track themed around Fort Forinthry and made some updates to a few of the game’s abilities.

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