The Daily Grind: When was the best time to be a fan of World of Warcraft?


Last week, an influencer tweeted out that “there’s never been a better time to be a fan of World of Warcraft.” I’m not going to link to it because I don’t want this to be a pile-on – don’t yuck other people’s yum and all that, like what you like, etc.

But I will say I was having a hard time agreeing. I mean, even if you set aside all the scandals and stuff, millions of people voted with their wallets on this one. The first year I started working at Old Massively, I was absolutely obsessed with Wrath of the Lich King – it was that year before Cataclysm came out – and I would log in every morning before work to do dailies and chat with Euro guildies and log in every night to do badge runs on our fleets of alts. I was genuinely in love with the game even though it was starting to age, and I never really thought for an instant that it was about to start its long slide down – the future looked so bright back then, and nobody knew what was already brewing behind the scenes. But it’s a high-water mark for me for sure, and I miss that era a lot.

In your opinion, when was the best time to be a fan of World of Warcraft?

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