Lord of the Rings Online fixes fishing, lifts Treebeard’s level cap, and preps Midsummer


Today’s Lord of the Rings Online patch is a small one, chiefly tweaking last week’s Gondor Renewed release. Standing Stone Games says it’s fixed Beorning armor, properly allowed fishing across the new King’s Gondor zones, and ensured you no longer wind up in the wrong spot when you zone out of the King’s Gondor version of the Ost Anglebed Jail.

“Certain Guards in The Harlond (King’s Gondor) are now considerably less on guard. The Rats thank them,” SSG jokes. Plus, “the remnants of the Morgul-host at the Harlond and Taustrok have had their appearances corrected, and the Hobgoblins at this encampment have been thoroughly scolded for attempting to re-enter the story so far from Mount Gundabad.”

Do note that the Midsummer Festival itself is still slated to return tomorrow, June 8th, and as usual, FibroJedi will be your best bet for a guide on day one.

And finally, if you’re over on the Treebeard server, your level cap has lifted to 85, so hurry up and level… actually, don’t. Go as slowly as possible. That’s the whole point of Treebeard.

Source: Patch notes
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