Wayfinder’s latest gameplay preview video showcases its mechanics-filled boss fights

I find the way.

Wayfinder is continuing to make its way through the online show floors following its Summer Games Fest preview. This time around, the game was part of the streamer-led OTK Games Expo, which brought on some new gameplay footage featuring a couple of boss fights.

The footage comes from the RPG’s most recent beta build and switches between the different viewpoints of a three-player team as they take on bosses known as The First and Maras the Grand Deceiver. Each fight looks to be very active and full of mechanics that regular MMO players will likely be familiar with, like avoiding painted areas of pain, fighting adds, and dodging large telegraphed attacks. The RPG’s platforming mechanics also come into play during the fight against The First, with one section of the battle requiring players to leap between different brittle platforms.

Developer Airship Syndicate is still avoiding tying down anything like a date for its early access release (which makes sense since it has missed targeted dates multiple times previously), but you can check out the latest gameplay after the cut.

source: YouTube
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