Mad World applies updates to equipment, tweaks its tribe system, and adds an ‘enemy’ feature to PvP


The month of June has seen Jandisoft apply weekly updates to its “hell-made” online ARPG Mad World, and most of those have been primarily about tweaking existing systems, adding a few smaller updates, and running over as many bugs as possible.

The three patches applied so far have tweaked the stats and bonuses for several classes of high-level armors, introduced an “enemy” system for PvP that lets players hunt down the person who landed a killing blow on them (even in villages and dungeons), and made several updates to the tribe system, including updates to tribe feast and tribe labor, as well as a reduced gold cost for tribe XP. The cash shop also saw an update, with the premium Mad Pass and the Mad Max package being removed from sale.

Meanwhile, the game’s Discord continues to be a generally unhappy place, with players complaining about ongoing issues with lag and performance, along with more wondering about where the still-delayed Steam version is. To that last point, one of the Discord’s moderators claims that the game was sent to Valve for inspection and never released. “I don’t know if Steam blocked it, why it did, or if Jandisoft chose not to fix things first,” the moderator reports. Of course, we advise taking this news with a grain of salt, as there’s no way to verify how much insight this moderator has on the studio’s inner workings.

sources: official site (1, 2, 3), Discord
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