Baldur’s Gate 3 unveils a fully customizable origin and confirms romanceable characters


A recent Panel from Hell showcase for the upcoming single-player/multiplayer RPG Baldur’s Gate 3 was the perfect stage for developer Larian Studios to make a couple of surprise announcements before the game makes its PC and console debut. During the panel, the devs announced an all-new customizable character origin and confirmed that you can smooch NPCs.

While BG3 already has significantly customizable characters, the newly announced Dark Urge origin lets players determine every aspect of their created character, from gender to class to species. The origin does have one wrinkle as its name might suggest, as it will challenge players to either fight their desire to “murder brutally and indiscriminately” or give in to their darker desires, all of which will play out in unique dialogue options and narration.

Speaking of character customization, the panel additionally confirmed even more customization options for all character origins including new skin blemish options, heterochromia, lip makeup features, expanded body size sliders, and horn color options for Tieflings.

Finally, the panel announced that party members in the game can be romanced, promising that “no two relationships follow the same formula” and that there will be a broad variety of love available. And we do mean “variety,” as evidenced from a quote in the press release:

“Have you ever considered the joys and pleasures of sexual congress with a wildshaped Druid?” says Adam Smith, lead writer, “Because at Larian, we have, and ultimately landed on the side of giving the people what they want: tender, consensual romance with a man temporarily transformed into a grizzly bear.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 releases for PC on August 3rd and PlayStation 5 on September 6th – and will now do so with a fully custom murder hobo and kissable characters apparently.

source: press release
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