Neverwinter adds a lockbox featuring characters from the 1983 Dungeons and Dragons cartoon

Looking back.

Neverwinter is making something of a good news/bad news deep cut with its latest cash shop offering: a lootbox featuring a pair of characters from an old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon.

Players of a certain age may recall the animated Dungeons and Dragons series from 1983, but if you don’t, the show’s setup involved six kids who board a D&D-themed ride and get transported to a magical realm, where they’re given magical weapons and made into D&D classes by a beneficent dungeon master. The series ran for three seasons but ultimately never completed its planned end, which would have left on a cliffhanger where the children were given a choice to return home or stay in the realm to continue to fight evil.

This lootbox offering imagines what it would be like if the kids elected to stay, and therefore ages up Uni the unicorn and Bobby the barbarian as a mount and a companion respectively. The lockbox also offers a chance at getting other goodies like mythic bags, upgrade tokens, legendary account mounts, and more.

We generally don’t condone buying lootboxes – even “transparent” ones such as this one – but we do have to appreciate the reference being made. It’s just also kind of a shame that it’s hidden in a gamblebox. But it does give us all an opportunity to enjoy the original series’ intro. Just because.

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