Simulogics hints at a new title in the works set in the Prosperous Universe IP


It appears that Simulogics, the studio behind the sci-fi econ PvP title Prosperous Universe, has a little something new in its oven. This news comes by way of the latest development dev blog, which opens with project lead Martin Simons announcing “the next Prosperous Universe project” that has “both ‘politics’ and ‘infrastructure’ in the name.”

Simons is mum on specific details, as the studio only just received official funding from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, but he shares his excitement about the reveal and how this lets the team “continue to work on Prosperous Universe to bring it ever-closer to the vision we have for this game” while also promising more details soon.

The rest of the dev blog otherwise talks about the creation of custom loan contract templates that will arrive in its still-developing Liquidity update, shares the latest economy report, and tweaks things like shipbuilding material weights and repair requirements for hulls and shields.

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