Blade and Soul lures players into its Chaos Avalanche Den


My mama always said that friends who try to lure you into their Chaos Avalanche Dens aren’t really friends at all but probably serial killers in the making. But now my mama is playing Blade and Soul and doesn’t seem to mind being invited into that sort of place if the rewards are tempting enough.

Blade and Soul’s July 25th patch introduced the Chaos Avalanche Den mythical dungeon in the northern continent for players of at least level 60. This instance was added to the cross-server tab so that players across the world can group up to plumb its depths. There are bonus rewards to be earned for the first time each level is cleared in the Den.

The patch also fleshed out the Shiverstone Range zone with new collections and monsters, added new dungeon-oriented quests, and challenged players to beat up the Ice Yeti because he was totally asking for it.

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