Warhammer Return of Reckoning’s three-year-long ability rework is ‘nearing a release-ready phase’


It’s taken the player developers of Warhammer Online’s Return of Reckoning rogue server three years to rework the MMORPG’s massive number of abilities, but it looks as if the team is about to cross the finish line as it checks in with a rundown of what’s been happening and where things are going next.

The vast majority of the post details the monumental task facing the fan devs, as abilities are the whirring gears behind not only player abilities but multiple things like monsters, siege engines, and more. The post even admits that the work has been so arduous that the team is ready to just get it all over with so it can do more interesting things.

Despite it all, the ROR devs claim they are nearing the end of the process and player ability tweaks are “nearing a release-ready phase.” Future steps will involve internal testing, followed by various public tests for the new ability system at staggered times, a large-scale test that will see the main server taken offline for a limited time, and finally a full release “when [the devs} are confident.” The devs further promise a more comprehensive class balancing patch once the ability rework goes live.

For those who are looking for a more granular look at all of the changes to date, the forum thread also has some provisional patch notes to look through. Just make sure to get comfortable and perhaps spare a thought for what reads like some extremely exhausted fans.

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