Loftia confirms a lack of romanceable NPCs and unlocks guild housing as crowdfunding crests the $600K mark


The comfy solarpunk world of Loftia continues to take shape in its developer announcements even as the game itself is yet to enter any sort of actual release. An earlier update post on Kickstarter provides a little smorgasbord of general updates that players may want to know about, from fishing to pets to smoochable NPCs – or in this case non-smoochable ones.

Yes, after much deliberation, Qloud Games has decided to not introduce NPC romance into the game. “Romantic relationships are a feature present in a large number of cozy games, and a fundamental part of the human experience,” the studio admits. “However, we’ve come to the conclusion that the benefits of introducing romantic relationships are outweighed by the downsides, and that not introducing it will result in Loftia being a better game overall.”

This doesn’t mean that NPC relationships can’t be formed, however, as players will still be able to have “meaningful conversations” with characters. Qloud Games is also considering a way to let players assign each other as a partner or a “bestie,” though it is still working on how to implement the feature safely.

Other portions of the update post include confirmation of three new pets – red pandas, foxes, and mini highland cows – as well as a quick preview of the fishing activity that shows off concept art for fish and fishing rods and considers the related aquaponics activity.

Meanwhile, crowdfunding for Loftia goes from strength to strength as it has now raised over $600K as of this writing. This in turn unlocks two more stretch goals: the relic collector activity and the ability for clubs (aka guilds) to create their own club housing for up to 20 players, where guildmates can decorate the house, run a club farm, and create a space to show off guild trophies and achievements.

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