War Thunder’s Sons of Atilla update features new Hungarian armor and several other new vehicles


Vehicles are the name of the game in War Thunder, and there will be a whole bevy of them arriving in the September Sons of Atilla update, which as its name suggests brings in the legacy vehicles from the nation of Hungary as well as additional military toys from other nations.

The headline feature for the update is Hungarian armor that spans the nation’s military history, from the unintentionally adorable Csaba light tank of WWII to the modern Lynx KF41 infantry vehicle. This new compliment of weapons will be part of the Italian tech tree. As for other nations, there will be several new battleships, a new Korean tank, the American superdreadnought Texas, and a flame-throwing Soviet tank, among others.

On top of the multitude of new vehicles on offers, Sons of Atilla is bringing on some new maps, new visuals, and some improvements to things like alerts. Much of these features are highlighted in the update’s trailer below.

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