Last Epoch introduces a new mage mastery and new spells in the Runes of Power update


The new patch for the multiplayer OARPG Last Epoch should make mage characters smile nice and wide. The new Runes of Power update is offering a wide assortment of new tools for mage characters in the form of a new class mastery and associated new spells.

This new class mastery is known as the Runemaster, which is described by Eleventh Hour as a mastery that provides “the greatest opportunity for customization and skill expression to date.” This is thanks to the Runemaster’s runic invocation mechanic that lets them gain elemental runes for every elemental spell cast, then use those runes to cast a unique invocation spell based on the combination and order of runes consumed.

On top of the invocation mechanic, Runemasters will get access to four different spells, while all mage masteries will now have access to a new highly spammable skill known as Frost Claw. The magical goodness also extends to the rest of the game proper, with new experimental items and experimental crafting reagents that drop from defeating exiled mages.

The rest of the update introduces new one-shot and lost cache treasure chests, makes several teaks to the Monolith of Fate, increases XP requirements for rising to levels 80 through 100, and applies a variety of tweaks to various skills, among many other updates. The patch is set to go live tomorrow, September 7th, which should be more than enough time to leaf through the lengthy patch notes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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