Palia details the creation of the Maji Market as the event buffs Chapaa Chase and nerfs fireworks


Are you enjoying the Maji Market event in Palia? Are you curious about how Singularity Six put the whole thing together? Then you’re just the sort of player that will appreciate the studio’s latest dev blog as it goes over how the Maji Market came to be.

Naturally the peek behind the scenes shows off concept art and discusses the various inspiration that saw festival items and the fairgrounds themselves come together, but the post also decides to share a few funny little glitches that occurred over the course of its creation. For those who are enjoying this night market, this post is likely a nice additive to the whole affair.

As for the content itself, last week saw a pair of important updates to the event, with a particular focus on improving the Chapaa Chase event: More chapaas will spawn at the start of the minigame, with more spawns and more spawn frequency to match; spawn zones and their sizes have both been increased; and ticket rewards have been improved overall.

Unfortunately the patch also bonked fireworks with a nerf bat, with fewer fireworks available to be crafted and more later-tier materials required to even make them to begin with. “Our initial recipe for the Phoenix Firework was mistakenly crafting more than intended,” Singularity Six reasons.

source: official site (1, 2), thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip!
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