Ship of Heroes shows off August’s work on NPCs, costumes, powers, and missions


Ship of Heroes continues its monthly digest release cadence, showing off where the developing superhero MMORPG is as it continues its march toward a release. Now that it’s September, that means it’s time to look back at August’s progress.

The update post details the addition of new NPCs to the game, including several for an evil cyborg faction, seven new Promethean NPCs, and a variety of armored ship engineers. Incidentally, ship engineer armor pieces are among the new character costume pieces created for the game, along with three new female character tops.

In missions, a new four-part story arc was added while existing story arcs are getting adjusted in preparation for the game’s next free public event. Existing missions also got a full combing over by the dev team in the interest of polish and QA. The polishing process has also extended to the game’s 240 different powers as Heroic Games reviews all power effects and animations. Finally, a nice quality-of-life feature that was added last month is the option to turn down individual sound effects.

Ship of Heroes is still listing its release timing as sometime in the fourth quarter of this year, while its Steam page simply lists it’s coming soon. Additionally, Heroic Games is not offering any timing for the aforementioned free public event, but we’ll be sure to check in when that comes up. Meanwhile, August was plenty busy.

sources: Steam (1, 2), official site
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