Mobile MMO Blade & Soul Revolution adds new instances and new events


The revolution of blades and souls continues in Blade & Soul: Revolution, or at the very least the content updates continue, as the mobile MMO put out a fresh update last week with more instances to fight in and some new events to engage with. Revolutions, blades, and souls are highly likely as well.

This new patch introduces the Bloodshade Harbor of Darkness dungeon, which houses two new bosses known as Hae Mujin of Darkness and Poharan of Darkness and awards a new legendary soul shield. The Tower of Spirits has also opened up its 10th floor for players to climb to, allowing more XP and aura spirit earnings.

On the subject of character progression, the patch adds a new level cap to the Hongmoon Aura and more rewards can be gained from legendary dungeons, such as a new ancient fragment item that can be used to craft an ancient equipment box. Last but not least, three new events have been started in the form of a new dice board, new dungeon delving missions, and new dailies. There’s also class balancing and other general updates that players will likely want to read up on.

sources: press release, official forums
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