EverQuest II’s Shattered Overture update is live this afternoon


You knew it was coming, EverQuest II players, because Daybreak has been teasing it since August: Shattered Overture officially arrives to the core servers today, with a pair of new solo dungeons, a pair of new heroic dungeons, new missions and achievements, and multiple tiers for the Shattered Unrest content.

“Shards of stone and metal have fallen from the sky, nearly causing another calamity on Norrath along the shores of Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest, if not for the efforts of those brave enough to intervene. The same could not be said for The Estate of Unrest, which may have taken the brunt of the impact, if not for the efforts of one who did not mean to intervene, Doctor Arcana. Preoccupied by his struggle to keep the destruction from spilling out of Ultera, he is unable to retrieve the valuables he was forced to leave behind in the tumultuous few seconds before his escape. As ever before, Doctor Arcana is not one to shy away from the assistance of others. Seek out the good doctor at the Ulteran Spires in Nektulos Forest and discover the fate of Shattered Unrest!”

In addition to the new content, Daybreak has tweaked the auction hall, encounter resolve for half a dozen expansions, and added new appearance gear. Servers went down at 10 a.m. this morning and are expected back up by 3 p.m. EDT.

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