Baldur’s Gate 3 launches its third major patch today with Mac support and appearance changing


So you made your character in Baldur’s Gate 3 to play with your friends, and you were very proud of your red dragonkin with green highlights. You even had a backstory for him. But then as soon as you started playing together, one of your friends said, “Why are you playing as the Christmas Dragon?” And now you can’t load up your character without thinking that you’re playing the Christmas Dragon, and it’s horrible. But patch 3 for the game is here for you by adding the Magic Mirror, allowing you to change your pronouns, appearance, and voice as you wish!

Players will not be able to changer their body type or race, however, and Origin characters cannot be changed (those who have played the whole game know full well how protective Shadowheart is of her hair). Players will be able to play the game on Macs, however, so swings and roundabouts. And maybe now you won’t have to be known as Christmas Dragon. Or maybe now you will be known as Christmas Dragon because that sounds awesome to you; you live your truth.

Source: Twitter
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