Palia plans more magical trees, an obstacle course, and quality-of-life features


While Palia has already cranked out a couple of content updates in the form of the Maji Market event and the Temple of Flames, players of the comfy multiplayer RPG can look forward to a whole lot more sometime in the near future. Or in the far future; it’s not really clear when most of these things are coming, only that they are.

The post opens with plans to make an obstacle course for players to clamber around on. This content appears to be in some pretty early stages, but Singularity Six believes that it will provide something new to those who enjoy a little unique challenge. That said, this feature will be purely optional, with no exclusive rewards on offer beyond a sense of accomplishment and being able to show off the achievement.

Do you want more magical trees to harvest? They’re coming soon in the form of flow tree groves that will appear once per day. Players should be able to spot these groves easier thanks to larger flow plumes that indicate where they are.

Speaking of finding where things are, flare arrows that let players signal their position is one of the quality-of-life features that are on the docket, along with multi-crafting at benches, dedicated inventories for things like ammo and bait, proximity chat, and highly valuable starstones that can be found from mining. Further down the horizon are a new kneeling emote, new creatures to hunt, improvements to the requests system, and more skin tones and facial features for player characters.

As for the near-term, a patch that’s scheduled to arrive this week is going to perform some balancing to “cake parties” in order to bring creating celebration cakes more in line with other high-end crafts. “Rest assured: Cake parties aren’t going anywhere, but we did need to find the right balance for all our skills,” the post explains.

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