Lineage II’s Wish Hunt event offers buff-granting goodies for killing monsters under the full moon


While Lineage II’s latest event isn’t called a Halloween event specifically, it certainly does have that grim kind of vibe: The Wish Hunt even going on now will reward players with some extra goodies for killing monsters under the glow of a full moon. Villainous cackling isn’t required, but it could certainly be recommended.

During the event, players will see wish stones drop from monsters slain in certain hunting zones, which can either be used to grant buffs or spent like currency on a variety of consumables like fragments, potions, or beers. In addition, there will be special dates and times when special crafting will be available, and players will be able to get a special buff-giving rune by double-clicking on a full moon that hangs over the towns of Giran and Rune at certain times.

The event itself runs between now and October 17th, while the event details outline timing for the special crafting and moon rune portions. Schedule accordingly, and kill indiscriminately. In-game, that is.

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