The Land of the Morning Light expansion arrives to Black Desert Mobile today


Let the sunshine in. Or perhaps it’s better to say let the land of sunshine that’s still full of mythical monsters and other dark things in. However you care to process the news, players of Black Desert Mobile now have access to The Land of the Morning Light expansion today, bringing a whole bunch of landscapes and myth inspired by Korea’s Joseon dynasty to the mobile MMORPG.

Accessing this new content will require players to have completed the main quest Emma’s Nightmare, which will open up a UI menu that sets players off on their first steps to the game’s new continent. Access to Morning Light’s features unfold primarily through this UI element in a storybook-like fashion, as players experience new tales, fight new bosses in the Black Shrine, and get their hands on new Dawnveil gear.

The update also adds the new Choryeong (aka the Woosa) class, officially kicks off the season for season server characters with a host of new features and updates, and applies some general updates to Black Rock Shrine, the node war system, the market, and Genoveva’s Shop. Finally, there are login rewards for players to collect between now and October 23rd. It’s a big update for the mobile MMO, meaning fans have lots of things to experience today.

sources: press release, official site
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