Solarpunk cozy MMO Loftia opens preorder store with Kickstarter perks


Loftia surprised everyone when it became the largest MMO-ish Kickstarter to fund this year – and it’s not even finished generating cash by the looks of it. The “medium-ly multiplayer” solarpunk MMO pulled in $1.2M US from backers on the crowdfunding platform over the summer, and now Australian indie studio Qloud has opened a pre-order store, both for ongoing development and to offer a brief window for folks who missed out to pick up Kickstarter rewards – yes, a little bit of FOMO too.

“Our Pre-Order store is now LIVE! If you missed out on our campaign, or had payment processing issues, you can now access our Pre-Order store to purchase game keys and get a limited selection of Kickstarter rewards. The store will be supporting both PayPal and card payments, but Kickstarter rewards will only be available on our Pre-Order store until October 9th, 2023 (PST). After this date, only game keys, artbook, OST and the whale turbine plushie will be available. Please note that this 2-week period will be the final time in which the game keys will be priced at this level!”

The game isn’t set to hit alpha until next year, with early access in 2025 and launch in 2026 or “beyond,” so yeah you probably don’t need to rush to lock in a price right now.

“Now that our campaign has wrapped up, we’re currently taking our time with roadmap planning so that we can lay a solid foundation for the year ahead,” Qloud wrote in Discord. “Our team is already back and deep in development as we speak, so we’ll be starting dev updates soon!”

Source: Discord
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