Cozy solarpunk survivalbox Loftia funded on Kickstarter with over $1.2M US


Loftia closed out its Kickstarter last night with a whopping $1.27M US pledged from over 16,000 backers. In its thank-you letter to supporters, studio Qloud said that it’s hard at work fulfilling backer rewards and, y’know, the game. The Aussie indie studio is aiming for alpha next year.

We’ve been covering Loftia since its debut earlier this summer; it’s a cooperative social sandbox in the “mediumly multiplayer” corner of the genre with a focus on chill constructive gameplay, farming, housing, and yes, dungeons too, although of the puzzle and platform variety.

Backers blasted through every stretch goal the campaign offered up, including player-run markets, new biomes, guild halls, part-time jobs, an an adventure-builder tool that allows players to construct their own content.

Source: Kickstarter
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