‘Medium-ly multiplayer’ cozy MMO Loftia just fully funded with $150K on Kickstarter


Loftia, the “cozy solarpunk” “medium-ly multiplayer” title we covered earlier in July, has officially launched its Kickstarter – and it’s one of the slickest we’ve seen to date.

Sydney-based indie studio Qloud Games promises a charming social game with customization, sustainable farming, city-building collaboration, 10-person adventures (but not combat), and elaborate player housing, all set in a cutesy eco-minded world with multiple biomes. And yes, Qloud is calling it an MMO, though the devs have gone into great detail explaining that they are not aiming to take on the likes of WoW. “What we do know is that out of all the terms that exist, ‘MMO’ is still the most succinct and precise description of Loftia, even if it isn’t perfect,” they write.

The Kickstarter is already off to a great start; it launched earlier today and has already surpassed its $150,000 ask with around 2500 backers as I type this, so we’d be expecting stretch goals soon since there are 30 days left in the campaign. So far, the stretch goals mentioned in the Kickstarter include aquaponics, club (guild) halls, and more biomes.

The base game with early release access starts at $30, though larger pledges come with extra copies and themed bundles of skins, furniture, wallpaper, outfits, pets, VFX, and titles. A $5000 pledge will see the donor turned into an NPC. We’ll try not to look too hard at the $40 whale plushie.

The studio’s project timeline sets alpha for next year, early access for 2025, and full launch in – we’re quoting here – “2026~BEYOND.” The game is expected on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

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