Skyforge begins Season 8 of its PvP Pantheon Wars for Xbox players


The latest season of GvG PvP in Skyforge is underway, only this time it’s starting specifically for Xbox players, who will get to slay their way to rewards and a big juicy cut of a currency prize pool in Pantheon Wars Season 8.

As with prior Pantheon Wars seasons, guilds will be doing battle every second Sunday starting on October 8th, with players earning themselves argents for every victory and pantheons fighting to get a piece of a wider argent prize pool for being among the top eight guilds by season’s end. That prize pool is also once again being raised through the purchase of packs, with 100% of proceeds from bundle sales going into the pot.

The new season also brings new PvP-specific legendary stones of power, all of which provide specific buffs for duking it out with other players. Characters can have only one stone equipped at a time, so choose wisely, then get out there and fight for in-game cash. And maybe glory. But probably mostly for cash.

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