Tower of Fantasy’s A Sword Dance of Ice update adds a frosty new region with new quests October 24


It’s almost time for players of sci-fantasy multiplayer RPG Tower of Fantasy to wonder how their chosen husbandos and waifus can wear those clothes in frigid weather. Or maybe it’s almost time to simply look forward to more story content. Either way, Version 3.3: A Sword Dance of Ice is coming to the title on Tuesday, October 24th, bringing with it the frigid new region of Marshville to explore.

“Marshville, once an abundant and vibrant land, has transformed into a wintry tundra, afflicted with the most severe Darkness invasion yet. Two massive Black Jade Ruins are located in Marshville, and many mysteries about them have been left unresolved for years.”

As players might anticipate, it will be up to them to visit this new snow-covered zone and discover the secrets of the Black Jade Ruins through a new main story quest and a new boss fight against the powerful Darkness entity Xingtian. More details are expected in the coming weeks, but for now there’s a trailer heralding the content’s arrival below.

source: press release
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