Corepunk plans for its next test phase starting November 4

These cores require additional punks.

Good news, Corepunk fans: The game’s next phase will be starting pretty soon on November 4th and will have significantly more people involved in testing! Bad news is that it’s still not going to be many people; the game is promising to invite somewhere north of 100 people from the community into this first look test of the game, with four different server locations around the globe to give the developers an idea of how the different servers operate.

It’s also important to note that the game’s visual NDA will remain in effect for this test phase, so you’ll have to wait until the next test after this to see the game in action. This might be a little disheartening if you’re not one of the lucky 100 or so who gets to play the game, but you can at least take heart that the test phases are coming on the fast side. Your day will come, even if it is not quite yet.

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