Foxhole’s Naval Warfare update sets sail for beach invasions and multiplayer ship crewing today


Siege Camp’s “massively multiplayer war game” Foxhole has expanded its horizons with today’s patch as promised: Naval Warfare is officially live. As we’ve previously noted, Naval Warfare adds a large-scale naval component to the sandbox, with ocean battles, multiple ship types, multi-person crewing, sea mines, beach invasions, and gobs more, including battleships with “dozens of players on deck simultaneously.

“When cast out to sea, moment-to-moment decisions among player crews can be the difference between victory and defeat. Individual ship subsections can be targeted and destroyed causing compartments to become flooded. Seawater must be bailed out and leaks repaired to stay afloat. Unsuspecting submarines can ambush convoys and thwart naval invasions before they begin. Invade beaches with an amphibious landing craft and construct portable harbors to support troops as they fight their way through enemy bunkers, trenches, and emplacements. Logistics forces have also been upgraded with new vessels for sea-based operations and towable field weapons provide increased mobility. The expanded naval game combined with island warfare expands the persistent world to an entirely new scope and scale.”

Do note the game runs a penny under $30 on Steam, where it is a proper fully launched game with “very positive” reviews. Our own Chris rather liked the game during his playthrough too.

Source: Press release, Steam
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