Foxhole announces Naval Warfare update for October 26 with massively multiplayer ship content


Foxhole and Anvil Empires developer Siege Camp unveiled a big update for the former on today’s announcement stream: Foxhole is getting a massive patch that brings naval warfare into the gameworld for the first time as “thousands of players will be able to step onto the decks of battleships, invade distant shores in high-stakes beach landings, and conquer new island-based territories.” Also, can we get a shoutout for a studio that isn’t afraid to call its game “massively multiplayer”?

The features list is ridiculous; expect submarines, “massively multiplayer crews,” ship fleets, beach landings, towing, transport trailers, and all the horrifying boat encounters you have nightmares about, like ship subsystems that “can be individually destroyed and compartments [that] may become flooded [to the point that] seawater must be bailed out and leaks repaired to stay afloat during naval engagements.”

“Naval Warfare will engage players in full-fledged naval battles. Across Gunboats, Destroyers, and awe-striking Battleships, soldiers will climb aboard player-built fleets with dozens of players on deck simultaneously. Deliver ammunition, launch depth charges, and deploy sea mines, all while maintaining and regulating ship systems, such as the engines, sonar, and navigation. Players must band together both above and below deck to outmaneuver enemy vessels. Prepare for intense fleet battles, where moment to moment decisions can be the difference between victory and defeat. Individual ship subsections can be targeted and destroyed causing compartments to become flooded. In the heat of battle, seawater must be bailed out and leaks repaired to stay afloat. The largest threats may loom unseen, as submarines can ambush convoys and thwart naval invasions before they begin. Coordination and communication will be vital when balancing the many hazards that await players in the depths.”

The Naval Warfare update launches October 26th.

Source: Press release
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