Dungeon Stalkers is a third-person medieval fantasy PvPvE extraction RPG with multiple difficulty wrinkles


Dungeon crawlers by their general nature are usually pretty unforgiving, challenging, and sometimes deeply unfair gaming experiences. So what if you melded some of that stress and difficulty into the already difficult sub-genre of the PvPvE extraction game? You might come up with something like Dungeon Stalkers. And you also might be the kind of person who really doesn’t like things like soft blankets, colors outside of grey, and the sight of puppies and kittens.

On top of the expected PvPvE extraction mechanics of getting into a dangerous dungeon delve, slaying monsters and other players, finding loot, and leaving with said goodies, Dungeon Stalkers ups the ante with the threat of player characters’ armor breaking to make them more vulnerable, various curses that promise to “turn the game upside down,” and even external factors like weather, time of day, or suddenly limited shopkeeper stock that can make the next delve harder.

Release timing for Dungeon Stalkers isn’t being tied down yet, but the game is prepping its first test on Tuesday, November 28th via Steam, where the game can be wishlisted in the meantime. Y’know, just in case your idea of a wish is to have a video game repeatedly punch you in your mouth. You do you.

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