ARPG Grim Dawn preps its ‘most comprehensive free update ever’


Now that the new ARPG smell has faded from Diablo IV, it’s entirely possible that fans of the genre are looking to branch out once again. To capitalize on any wayward souls, Grim Dawn is about to swoop in with a huge update this week to make a good multiplayer game that much better.

Grim Dawn’s most comprehensive free update ever is coming November 16th,” Crate Entertainment said. “V1.2 is dense with new features, mechanics, and quality-of-life improvements that have been on top of your wishlists.”

These improvements coming on Thursday include improved leveling with adjustable level scaling, “better difficulty skips,” a new base evade skill bound to the spacebar, the removal of collectable potions in favor of baked-in potion skills, automatic buff toggles, better loot visuals, and so much more.

This should also be noted: “All loot tables have been overhauled with 30-60% less items dropping. To compensate, loot quality and iron bits drops have been significantly increased.”

Source: Grim Dawn. Thanks Greaterdivinity!
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