Black Desert PC kicks off first round of adjustments to skill balance


You figure that when you see a patch arrive with a 37-point table of contents, it’s probably a pretty big deal. Black Desert received such an update this past week, with a majority of those line items tackling a balance pass for the game’s myriad of skills. This first round of skill adjustments are meant to bring up some underperforming abilities while nerfing some that are a tad overpowered.

As the studio explains, “Although each class has various skills, there is not much difference between players in the main skills used for PvE. However, there is a significant difference in damage between support skills that give buffs and debuffs. As a result, some classes naturally deal more damage while also obtaining necessary buffs, while others have to sacrifice damage in order to obtain buffs. To reduce this gap, we have made adjustments to increase damage for non-main skills.”

Black Desert Console players weren’t left out of the patch fun, however. That version got its own update with improvements to the alchemy life skill, an increase to core materials for trace items, and the elimination of trade goods from gathering activities.

Source: Black Desert, 2
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