Corepunk hopes to have early access launched by the end of winter


Momentum is building for Corepunk this season. The long-in-the-coming cyberpunk MMOARPG ran through two limited-scope tests earlier this fall and is gearing up for a much bigger one come December 16th.

The four-day test is an NDA-free event with a larger testing pool, although it will only feature an alpha build. “This will be the first time we openly show the game. For us, this is an important step towards the release and expanding our audience,” Artificial Core said. “From a technical standpoint, we will be testing server scalability, which is also a key step in our roadmap towards the release.”

Past the December test, the studio said that it hopes to get an early access launch going early in 2024: “According to our forecasts, we will enter beta along with the game’s early access by the end of winter.”

Source: Corepunk
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