Sandbox MMO Eco lets players establish towns, countries, and federations in December 12 update


Do you remember Eco? It’s a Kickstarted sandbox MMO that tasks players to work together in order to maintain global ecology that started early access in 2018, and while the game has been in early access for over five years now, it’s been getting plenty of updates over the course of that time and even drew in our own Ben Griggs, who wrote about why he plays the title. The most recent major headline out of the game was from this past spring, when developer Strange Loop Games started playtesting Update 10’s features.

Those months of work are apparently finally bearing fruit as the studio has now nailed down a Tuesday, December 12th, release date for Update 10, and elaborated on the game-changing features that it brings. One of the biggest changes is the fact that player-run governments will now be specific to an area instead of global. This holds hands with the ability for players to establish homesteads, towns, and given enough growth and influence, entire countries and multi-country federations.

This naturally has plenty of interplay, as players will have to settle borders, manage resource rights, work together to form global laws if players hit federation level, and potentially even annex lower tier settlements. The announcement post provides additional details on how it all works, though current players should be advised that when the update releases, the entire in-game globe will have no government whatsoever.

source: Steam
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