ECO jumps into beta and Steam early access


The blocky world simulator ECO has bidden farewell to alpha and moved right into beta today. The beta transition also coincides with the title’s release on Steam early access, where ECO can be purchased for $30.

The beta launch comes with Patch 7.0, which adds definable districts, a more balanced world generation, redesigned plant simulation, password protected servers, reworked tutorials, a better-looking HUD, support for mods, and several new plant and animal species.

“We’re putting together a road map with what’s to come, and look forward to deeply involving the community as we keep development moving, tons more we want to do,” the team said.

Massively OP recently explored ECO with its developers. If you missed that stream, we’ve got it for you below!

Source: ECO

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$30 for a Minecraft-like with a synthesized ecosystem instead of a random generated free-roam. ….

…I don’t know about that.

I’d all heard that it is super grindy and unless you’re playing it with other people, it will take forever to create dwellings, roads, and etc. Don’t know if that is true but would be unfortunate if so.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

Well for one, this has an “end game.” Meaning if you screw up the environment, it’s the end of your world ;P

Also, you can do private servers where you speed things up. It’s less about building stuff than building a society that functions. Think less Minecraft and more Civilization, except you’re playing (mostly) against the environment rather than other peoples.


Private servers can turn off the meteor and just play a normal survival/PvE experience. Though the game isn’t too much of a survival type game. Animals don’t agro onto players and eating is more tied into having energy and getting skill points.

Dušan Frolkovič

Considering it is supposed to model a community cooperating and trying to co-live with its environment, it would be weird if would not rely on having multiple people there.

I for one welcome another PvE “survival” game.

Kickstarter Donor

I definitely want this game. It sounds both fun and educational. Not many sandboxes supporthe this level of players affecting the world.