Eternal Tombs demos low-level melee and magic combat ahead of next test


Eternal Tombs – the MMO originally known as War of Dragnorox – has another dev blog out this week, this time demoing the cutest little murder piggies you ever did see.

OK, I’m kidding but also not kidding. “We’ve created a quick low level pig hunt video that takes place in the starting zone of Southmir,” the devs of Triune Studios write. “This is just a quick preview of low-level combat as you jump into the world.” And indeed, the video shows off both flame and axe combat and quite a bit of dodging and rolling and jostling as a character wrecks the boar population.

Triune also sets expectations for its next test build, which is a few months away but will include player testers.

“We’re pushing hard and continue to make significant updates and polishes to Eternal Tombs. Our goal is to get as many of you in there as soon as possible, but we’re still at least a couple months away from that possibility as we want a polished experience for you to enjoy as you first step into the world of Mithir. Our goal is to have nine of the starting/lower level zones available for people to experience in our first public demo.”

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