It’s raining blood in Diablo IV — and pay-to-win rebuttals


When the weather forecast in Diablo IV calls for a torrential downpour of blood, it’s time to grab that Umbrella of Demon-Slaying Might and get to work. Blizzard announced that it’s bringing a new seasonal event called Abattoir of Zir to the ARPG.

This limited-time endgame instance contains 25 levels of difficulty and challenges players to complete each in 10 minutes or less. Every time you tier up, the rewards get better — but if you die once, you have to start over.

Blizzard talked about the Abattoir of Zir in yesterday’s campfire chat. The studio also discussed the Midwinter Blight holiday coming on December 12th with new cosmetics and an aspect. Past that in the new year will be Season 3, although Blizz isn’t talking about that so much yet.

One thing that the campfire did cover, however, was rising accusations that Blizzard is quietly preparing to sell power and advantages in pre-order expansion bundles. How did players get that idea? Why, Blizzard’s own surveys, of course.

But the studio claims it’s not happening, saying that it won’t be adding pay-for-power in Diablo IV. Of course, we all remember that Blizzard said the same thing about Diablo Immortal before doing just that and earning itself our award for the worst MMO business model of 2022, so maybe take whatever the studio is saying with a dash of reasonable cynicism.

Source: Diablo, 2 via Wowhead
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