Star Wars The Old Republic’s GU 7.4 Chains in the Dark launches December 5


Get excited, Star Wars The Old Republic fans: Broadsword has just announced that GU 7.4, Chains in the Dark, officially launches on December 5th. “With Game Update 7.4, players will experience a never before seen area on Ord Mantell called Kessan’s Landing, obtain new Achievements and Reputation rewards in the Daily Area, take on the FR3-D0M World Boss, and more,” the company says.

“Kessan’s Landing is a new Daily Area on Ord Mantell. Players will find that they can complete repeatable missions, and obtain new Achievements and Reputation rewards. There will also be a chain of side missions that will take players all over the galaxy, allowing them to assemble a piece of tech that will be very useful on Kessan’s Landing.”

And as for the “more,” that entails the promised overhaul of the GTN and the continuation of the Lane Vizla storyline, with missions and new characters. Players can also look forward to the lighting tool upgrade – and of course, the return of Life Day on December 12th.

Source: Press release
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