Cozy MMO Fae Farm unveils Coasts of Croakia DLC as Phoenix Labs lays off more staff

PL says 'games teams were unaffected'


Do you love the roly-poly frog friends in Fae Farm? Would you like to travel to a magical world that’s likely replete with these round bois? Then your wish is being granted as developer Phoenix Labs has announced the game’s first DLC known as Coasts of Croakia.

There aren’t many details on offer for this new content yet beyond a teaser trailer that showcases a giant frog with a warp portal in its mouth and a very quick look at the titular location’s floating islands. What is confirmed is the release date of Thursday, December 14th, along with confirmation that the content will be free for Nintendo Switch players and for owners of the deluxe edition on PC; otherwise PC players will have to pay up for an undisclosed sum.

In other Fae Farm news, however, studio Phoenix Labs has apparently slashed still more staffers just before the holidays. In a layoff round that marks at least the second in 2023, PL dropped 34 more workers in its “publishing, HR, IT, and shared services teams,” according to statements made to GIbiz. “Our games teams were unaffected and our work continues across our titles at Phoenix Labs. Fae Farm’s DLC and Dauntless updates are on track, and we have exciting unannounced projects in the works,” the studio claims.

sources: Twitter, YouTube, Steam
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