Wurm Online completely overhauls its visual gathering system


Wurm Online is about to change up its gathering game for the better. Currently in testing, a complete overhaul to resource acquisition offers new visual representations of different nodes, replacing the old botany, foraging, and snow-collecting mechanics.

Game Chest-owned Code Club said that players will be able to spot these new nodes better thanks to object outlining. Players should also be able to find more resources — 25 different kinds in total — as they pop up across the landscape, from the sandy beaches to the snow-capped hills. And by right-clicking random spots in the world, players can find out what type of resources spawn in that biome.

“Botanizing will mostly be useful for finding plant products, edible or otherwise,” the studio explained. “Foraging skill is now mostly associated with being able to locate and scavenge useful or edible items in a more general sense. Snow piles, like in the old snow collection system, do not use any skill in any way.”

Source: Wurm Online
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