Wurm Online completely overhauls its visual gathering system

Wurm Online is about to change up its gathering game for the better. Currently in testing, a complete overhaul to resource acquisition offers new...
Not the point.

The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMORPG for gatherers?

My husband is usually not the kind of person who gets obsessed with crafter-centric MMORPGs, but New World has turned him into a gatherer:...

Project Gorgon player analyzes the current issue with the game’s skinning economy

The residents of Project Gorgon currently have something of a panther problem. Before you get ready for a panther-themed event complete with all sorts...

Albion Online alters resource respawns and rune rewards

Resources matter in Albion Online, and major changes to the respawn rates of resources is going to shake up the game's economy significantly. The...

EVE Evolved: Get ready for EVE Online’s Lifeblood expansion!

EVE Online's upcoming Lifeblood expansion was officially announced last week, and it's landing a lot earlier than expected. Though it appears that Lifeblood is...
You could presumably fight over your right to party, but that seems pedantic.

Gloria Victis adds new things to fight over in its new map spaces

There are a lot of new lands in Gloria Victis, but what use are new lands if there's nothing to fight over? You'd have...

Sea of Thieves’ limited resources will force you to make interesting choices

One of Sea of Thieves more RPGish concepts is that of "limited resources." Basically, each player has access to certain unlimited items, such as...
He seems nice.

Conan Exiles takes a look at the creatures of the Exiled Lands

It's a given that players in Conan Exiles will spend no small amount of time facing off against one another; that's part of the...

EVE Evolved: The single-shard sandbox economy

The debate about what makes a good sandbox game is as old as the term itself, and everyone seems to have a different view...
More like up-close-er at this point, am I right? No. No, I am not right.

Crowfall looks at the early version of the Ranger’s powers

The Ranger is not a ranged character in Crowfall, but she's also not a melee character. She's a hybrid between the two playstyles, able...
Create and destroy alike!

PlanetSide 2’s next major patch lets you gather and build

The next major patch for PlanetSide 2 managed to sneak onto the game's test servers just before Christmas, but no one noticed. Thus, the...
Oh, awesome, camping!

Darkfall Unholy Wars adjusts its economic rebalance

At times, it seems like the entire history of Darkfall is one major adjustment after another. It hasn't been long since the game completely...

The Stream Team: Pearl diving in ARK: Survival Evolved

There is more to ARK: Survivor Evolved than just dodging dinosaurs. In fact, there is the whole advancing in technology thing. As it turns...
Trees! Glorious and present!

The Elder Scrolls Online shows off exploration in its last ‘This Is TESOTU’ video

Do you like to explore stuff? You know, wander off into the wild blue yonder in zones and just see what you can see?...
Thanks for giving me things in response to taking things!

Landmark is refunding players for basic material packs

It's not much fun to play a building game like Landmark if you don't have the materials to actually, you know, build. This is why the...