Gloria Victis adds new things to fight over in its new map spaces

You could presumably fight over your right to party, but that seems pedantic.

There are a lot of new lands in Gloria Victis, but what use are new lands if there’s nothing to fight over? You’d have to wind up just hacking other people to pieces for nothing more than the fact that you’re unconscionably violent; that’d make you some kind of monster. Fortunately, the most recent update has added new resource flags so that you have plenty of things to fight your fellow players over. Now you’ve got a proper motivation, so everything is fine.

The update also adds the ability to add a custom marker to your map, so you can more easily navigate the landscape by reminding yourself where that great hiding spot was located. This coincides with smoother map zooming and more quality-of-life features for map functionality. So go forth and fight people over things that actually matter, and then have an easier time remembering where the heck you are! It’s all good.

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