Conan Exiles takes a look at the creatures of the Exiled Lands

He seems nice.

It’s a given that players in Conan Exiles will spend no small amount of time facing off against one another; that’s part of the nature of any survival game. However, you won’t always be stuck facing off against other players. You can also face off against a variety of creatures inhabiting the Exiled Lands, many of which want to tear off your face and feed it to you in new and interesting fashions. The latest article on the official site details some of these creatures, many of which have all sorts of pointy and ouchy parts on their bodies.

Look, it’s not really a Conan game without all of that.

Of course, not every animal in the area is made of lethal materials; shalebacks and rabbits can be harvested for their hides, gazelles are positively full of meat, and rhinos have even thicker hides and trophy-worthy heads. But where you find these animals, you’ll find dangers like crocodiles, imps, and the lethal inhabitants of the Unnamed City. And many of these creatures will fight you tooth, nail, and horn to kill you should you strike them (they’re rather attached to their hides). It’s a dangerous world out there, full of critters that might want to kill you. That’s what is best in life, as you can see yourself toward the end of the month.

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