PlanetSide 2’s next major patch lets you gather and build

Create and destroy alike!

The next major patch for PlanetSide 2 managed to sneak onto the game’s test servers just before Christmas, but no one noticed. Thus, the patch has started quietly entrenching itself and fortifying the area so that no one can dislodge it from the test server.

Wait, that’s not right – the patch itself isn’t building fortifications; it’s allowing players to build fortifications. The patch contains the first incarnation of the mechanics allowing players to harvest, drive the ANT, and set up generators. It’s all about finding points and fortifying as necessary.

While the current version on the test server is still a work in progress, you can check out two videos down below if you’d like to see what the changes will look like. The first is all about using the ANT and grabbing resources, while the second is a look at a prototype base. If you build it, they will indeed come, possibly right into the firing arc of your autocannons.

Source: Official Forums, ANT demo, Base demo; thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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