Palia’s Winterlights festival – the first part of it, anyway – is live alongside new Asia-Pacific servers


As promised, yesterday’s Palia update launched Christmas for players in the cozy sandbox pseudo-MMO.

“You are just in time for the special Winterlights celebration taking place in Kilima Village!” Singularity 6 says. “Everyone is invited, and we are happy to introduce the first half of the holiday content prepared for all Palians to enjoy. That’s right: expect ✨two patches✨ full of holiday cheer to enjoy as we round out the rest of the year. This is our gift to you, our dedicated players!”

This chunk of the event includes holiday decorations for the town center, a new Winterlights questline, ornaments and tree decoration, holiday loot, a themed character screen, and Asia-Pacific servers. OK, those weren’t really part of the holiday gift, but they’re here all the same, backed by a promise to continue localizing in more languages.

The patch notes also herald cheaper storage, UI tweaks, the camera assist function, controller adjustments, and teases for the second round of patching.

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