Mortal Online 2 lists possible features for a future roadmap


Following its recent upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, Mortal Online 2’s Star Vault is hoping to figure out its development roadmap going forward. The studio is not short on ideas; in fact, it has so many of them that it is preparing to put around 40 potential features to a community vote.

In a post this week, the studio listed all of the proposed additions to the game and promised that a ballot with more specific time frames on these projects would be forthcoming. There’s certainly a lot here, including being able to create a second character, a thievery system, a structured PvP arena, boat travel, animal breeding, blackjack in taverns, crossbows, a relic system, mentalism magic, and more.

Also, there’s this semi-creepy notion: “Add ‘Face over IP’ which will make your character’s facial expression and mouth movements mimic yours using facial tracking.” SOEmote lives!

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