War Thunder adds more modern vehicles, a new map, and new fire visuals in its Air Superiority update


You would be forgiven for believing that the Air Superiority update of War Thunder is primarily about aircraft – and it has plenty of that, to be sure – but the latest content patch has a whole slew of modern war vehicles for players to tootle around in. Tootling is absolutely a serious military battler term, trust me.

Headlining the update are new aircraft like the JAS39 Gripen, Mirage 4000, Su-27, and F-15, while those who prefer ground battles can control new Rank VIII and modern MBTs like the Leopard 2A7V, VT-4A1, or Challenger 3, and the naval enjoyers in the crowd can command the USS Roanoke, the Courbet, and RN Leonardo da Vinci.

All of these new (and existing) planes will want somewhere to fly around, which is where the new Volcano Valley map comes in, offering some new scenery to look at while picking dogfights. In addition, the Hürtgen Forest map has gotten some changes based on player feedback.

Finally, the Air Superiority update brings some visual improvements for fires (for all you pyromaniacs out there), a long list of vehicle changes, some more achievements, and the ability to activate universal backups in the respawn window. A full list of updates awaits in the patch notes.

On the subject of player feedback, Gaijin has consolidated several other feedback responses related to vehicle stats, laser-guided bomb targeting, and specific guided missile behavior; many of these topics are promised to be addressed in greater detail in separate posts owing to the depth of details.

sources: press release, official site, official forums
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