TERA Console introduces a new buff-granting card collection system in latest patch

Here I am, stuck in the middle with whatever this is.

Do you feel more powerful when you look at a collectible card? That’s probably wildly subjective, but in the case of player characters in TERA Console, there’s now a new card collection system that grants some buffs when using a card. Our headcanon is now filled with warriors staring adoringly at a foil-covered ultra rare and then charging headlong into battle with renewed resolve.

In more specific terms, the card collection system allows players to gather cards from activities like fishing or gathering or as dungeon rewards, enchant them with card fragments to make them stronger, and use them to receive passive benefits like increased crit, more PvP attack or defense, higher HP, and a wide variety of other boons. The game guide linked above offers up all of the salient details.

The card collection mechanic is the primary feature of the MMORPG’s latest patch, which otherwise has made another round of ace dungeon rotation changes, applied a couple of tweaks to pets, and fixed a few bugs.

source: official site (1, 2)
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