Diablo IV unleashes the Gauntlet, its first PvE competitive game mode, today


Just when you think you’ve mastered everything about Diablo IV, the minds at Blizzard have devised its first competitive PvE challenge to keep you on your toes: The Gauntlet.

Arriving this week, The Gauntlet is a trial mode for World Tier 4 players to see who can get the best score in a static, non-linear dungeon in an eight-minute time limit. Every week there will be a new Gauntlet dungeon and 16 different ladders for players to master. The PvE mode includes two brand-new pillars to use.

Patch notes for the update are already live; expect the actual patch around 1 p.m. EST, depending on when the servers return from maintenance. In the meantime, you can get an overview of Diablo IV’s Gauntlet in Blizzard’s basics video below:

Source: YouTube
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