Last Epoch plots boss fights, skill system updates, and more endgame content in latest roadmap


Last Epoch has plans for its next four cycles (aka content updates) and it’s ready to share those plans with players in roadmap form. Everyone loves a roadmap, right? It’s reassuring, it’s pretty to look at, and it totally isn’t something that will cause rancor if targeted features slip by. These things are aces.

Facetiousness aside, Eleventh Hour Games has plenty of things on tap for cycles 1.1 to 1.4, including a pinnacle boss fight, primal hunt endgame events and new endgame bosses, an expansion to the Monolith of Fate, new story chapters and procedural side zones, and a skill sigil system that’s meant to let players enhance their favorite buttons. As for cycle 1.1 content, the studio claims that work on that is coming along nicely, though it doesn’t give any timeline for when it will release.

On the subject of cycle 1.1, the studio closes the post by asking players to fill out a survey related to the patch’s pinnacle bosses and when characters should have access to them; the plan is to have cycle characters have first crack at these fights before offline and legacy characters, but the devs are looking for player feedback on whether that plan should move forward.

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